Infinity, first try in many years

I am turning to English to let others than Swedes understand what I am doing on my spare time…

We bought a couple of gangs to infinity when it was released but we only tried it once or twice. Now we are trying to start again since the miniatures are so cool… I also like the setting end my new building shown earlier.

This weekend we tried a game among the unpainted houses. One house in the rear is from the MicroArts series. I like ”mine” better…

13 0601-mctrl -20130601-00001IMG_2587

And a little closer…

13 0601-mctrl -20130601-00003IMG_2589

The boxes are from hirst arts and the containers are from the game AT-43 (RIP).

Hopefully we will try some more on Thursday (bank holiday in Sweden) and on Saturday… The game feels really good now when we understand the rules a bit better…






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